It’s That Time Again

Even though the weather isn’t cooperating with the official start of Spring a week away, the month of March will soon bring us its annual Madness.  A bit of a religious experience for sports nuts like myself, tournament time means many things to me.  It means finding excuses to leave work early, or to fail to come in all together.  It means burning up the data coverage on my cell phone plan watching games while walking through a store, and parking myself in front of at least one t.v. and a laptop for hours on end.  It means forgetting to eat dinner because I”m too drawn in to the games, and ignoring all phone calls and doorbells.  And for me, it means setting the color of my t.v. to black and white so I can watch games that Baylor plays in (yes I actually did this).  Yes, opening day of the Tournament is less than a week a way now, and in just 168 short hours we’ll already be stunned by all the buzzer beaters, and likely bracket busters.

It’s not just the action on the court though.  It’s filling out the brackets, and the bragging rights that come with winning your office pool.  It’s celebrating with friends and family when that buzzer beater rolls around the rim and finally drops down.  Or when it rattles around and drops off the side.   It’s getting behind whoever the Tournament sweet heart is, and rooting for them till the bitter end.  It’s watching the clutch come from the least likely of places.  It’s watching number one and two seeds having to fight and claw to pull away, or just get by a sixteen of fifteen.  But most importantly, it’s all of these things, and that you get three weeks of them.

March Madness never fails to amaze either.  The moments are etched in most of our memories forever.  There was Butlers run to the title game two years in a row, and the agonizing defeats they suffered.  Steph Curry becoming an assassin during Davidson’s magical run in 2008.  How about Sottie Renyolds mad dash to the hoop to beat Pittsburgh at the buzzer?  George Mason’s Final Four run in 2006, or VCU’s in 2011.  There was Laettner’s shot, Webbers “timeout”.  Then there’s one of my favorite moments, one that doesn’t just happen once in a lifetime, seeing a coach win their first National Title.  Whether it be Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, and one of my personal favorites Jim Valvano.  The emotion in that moment…..well it sums up the Tournament completely.

Yes the year long wait is finally over.  Soon we will all be enjoying the Madness once again, and as I’m sitting here watching Conference tournaments I’m almost giddy.  Thinking about who will be this years Cinderella, thinking of all the buzzer beaters we will witness, and if a 16 seed will finally pull off the impossible.  Yes March is here, and for all College Basketball fans it means one thing.  Church is about to be in session….


Daniel Guy

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  2. Nothing compares to march madness. It’s sports drama and parody at its best.

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